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Re-Key / Lock Change

Change your commercial, residential, or auto locks for increased security

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Transponder/Chip Keys

Add a layer of security for your vehicle from theft.

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Master Key Systems

Protect your entire office/building with the convenience of cascading access.

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American Lock & Key operates 7 days a week as your mobile locksmith service dedicated to providing fast, friendly and dependable services to Spokane and the surrounding areas.

Our commitment to our customers includes professional, knowledgeable and reasonable custom locksmith services.

Every person or business needs locksmithing at some point. You’ll want an expert locksmith who responds promptly and is easy to work with.

It does not just take a forgetful person to lose or misplace keys to a home or an automobile. With our pressure-filled lives, even the most careful person will at some point suffer this misfortune. Even when you have all your keys, you might suspect that a spare key could be in the wrong hands and for your own security it would help to have your locks replaced. Working 24/7 locksmiths are the hard working professionals to turn to in such situations.

The modern locksmith is a highly trained professional whose services are sought by both residential and commercial property owners. While some people associate these professionals with just keys and locks, the range of services they offer is quite broad.

Our entire business is centered around helping your business get things done right.

When you need a Spokane locksmith who can address your unique business objectives with fast, friendly service, talk with us.

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Service to commercial properties

Modern businesses operate very sophisticated security systems and they use the services of locksmiths to make this possible. A typical security system in a modern commercial property will have both camera surveillance and electronic alarms that can either go off automatically or be set off. Many businesses owners today also appreciate that it is better and more convenient to operate keyless door opening systems. Any suspected breach in the keyless door opening system is usually communicated to the professional handling the system who then proceeds to effect the changes deemed necessary to keep the premises safe.

Spokane locksmith pros help businesses by installing the full range of security features in a commercial property to ensure that business premises remain safe.

Emergency services to residential properties

What would you do if you reached the entrance to your house and suddenly discovered that you had no key? This is a very common scenario. You could have left your keys in the office or dropped them in the restaurant you ate at on your way home.

Getting locked out of your home is quite frustrating and since you might not have spare keys, you’ll need the services of a locksmith in Spokane to gain entrance. These professionals will modify the door locks and also create a new key. Since they are on call 24/7, you do not need to panic next time you discover that you’ve been locked out of your house. In addition to fixing the door locking system, these pros could also help install the most comprehensive home security system including CCTV cameras and electronic alarm systems.

Lock configuration

For security reasons many commercial and residential property owners find it necessary to change their door locking systems from time to time. The need for lock configuration (or re-keying) arises in a number of situations.

If you just separated with your spouse in acrimonious circumstances, you might not be very sure of the security of your house if your ex still has a key to the home. It would also help to have the locks configured if you just bought a house and you are not sure whether the previous owners or somebody else has an extra key. You should also consider getting the locks configured every time you are letting your premises to new tenants – that way you minimize the risk of the previous tenants getting access to the premises.

Depending on the size of the property and the number of locks involved, this can become quite an expensive exercise. Fortunately, you do not always have to change the locks. By using the services of locksmith Spokane pros, you can have the locks configured in such a way that they’ll henceforth use new keys. Lock configuration is an effective yet less expensive option than lock replacement as what the pro does is configure the internal components of your old lock. The pros will also create a master key for your locks if you need one.

Services to automobile owners

Car keys get lost or broken in which case the car owner cannot enter the car or even start it without breaking doors. Should you find yourself in such a situation, the services of a locksmith will come in handy. Trained in the handling of all types of car locks, these pros will not only open your car safely but also make new keys.

Safe combination changes

Should you have plenty of valuables that might prove enticing to thieves or even a resident of your home, it might be necessary to have a safe for them. Should you need the combination changed on your safe, we can help!

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